Monday, February 27, 2012

Recent Adventures

Prepare yourself for a deluge of photos from our fun adventures! In the past few weeks Sarita and I have been busy getting around to see the sites and immerse ourselves in the Rhody culture. It's been especially nice with the uncharacteristically warm weather we've been having this winter. We've visited a few places right around where we live like Warwick City Park, Salter Grove, and Conimicut Point Park as well as places a little further away such as Aquidneck Lobster Company (Newport), Save The Bay Seal Watch Tour (Newport), Beavertail Lighthouse and Park (Jamestown), and Crazy Burger (Narragansett). By "a little further away" I mean maybe half an hour or so. Everything is so close here that it's easy to get out for a quick little trip to break up the monotony of the rest of the week.

City Park
City Park is a strange little smorgasbord of dog parks, basketball courts, baseball fields, beaches, playgrounds, bike paths, and parking lots. There is even the Warwick Asylum (Poor Farm) Cemetery.
The Poor Farm Cemetery.
Pine cones posing on a fence post.
 The fancy boardwalk.
The view out towards Narragansett Bay.

Salter Grove 
It's a good thing that pictures don't share smells. Not the cleanest little cove, but it has a strange beauty to it.
 The barrier that protects the cove.
 Jesse looking stylish.
Looking back over Warwick.

Conimicut Point
Conimicut Point is a little park on a stretch of land that sticks out into Narragansett Bay. There is a lighthouse a little ways off shore to mark a sand bar that runs out even further into the bay. It was pretty windy when we were there. Sarita lost her hat and we saw a chihuahua get blown out to sea.
Looking up a hill.
 Sarita on the sand. (It was really windy.)
 Conimicut Lighthouse with the nuclear power plant across the bay.
 The sandbar by the lighthouse.

Aquidneck Lobster Co.
We decided to celebrate with an early Valentine's Day dinner the weekend before Valentine's Day. The lobsters were both close to 4 lbs. So it turns out you CAN have too much lobster. We were pretty stuffed afterwards. The claws on Jesse's lobster were indestructible so he had to get creative and use a hand saw, among other things...
Sarita by the entertainer statue.
 An old church.
 Where's Sarita?
 Bowen's Wharf.
 Where the deals go down.
 Some of the lobsters looked like prehistoric sea monsters.
 And this is the small one!
 We used cookie sheets to contain the mess.
One of the tails. The claws were incredibly difficult to crack since they were so big.

Seal Watching
The tour was a little shorter than we had anticipated, but the money all went to a good cause. Save The Bay does a lot to help educate the public as well as work on other efforts that help improve Narragansett Bay.
 Sarita, Julie, and Adam on the Save the Bay boat.
 The bridge into Newport.
 Lovely banana poses all around.
 Another view of the seals.
 Seals with the Rose Island Lighthouse.
Better view of the Rose Island Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is on the southernmost point of the island where Jamestown is located.
 Sarita in front of the Beavertail Lighthouse.
 Sarita on the rocks.
Jesse and Sarita by the lighthouse.

Crazy Burger!
Crazy Burger's claim to fame is that it was once featured on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives." The food was great. The burgers were a little crazy so Jesse got a crazy pizza instead.
Sarita and Jesse in front of Crazy Burger.