Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Babe with the power

"Auntie, guess what? 
Last night I slept for 10 whole minutes every 5 minutes. It was so great."
Bonus point if you know the title reference without having to Google it ;)

The highlight of Christmas break was observing baby's bodily functions. Every bowel movement was met with robust applause. Listening to someone fart has never provided an evening's worth of entertainment. He even peed in artful trajectories so sometimes it took a few people to change his diaper, a task I lovingly performed on various occasions. 

I feel sorry for babies who aren't aesthetically pleasing to look at. I also feel sorry for people who looked great as babies but turned into weird-looking adults. Fortunately, Dario didn't have the former problem. The Chinese-Filipino-Mexican combo is working out so far. He'll most likely be a good looking full-sized human being as well.