Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh, Canada! And Boston, and Maine...

We decided to go on vacation. We met cousins in Boston's Chinatown and wandered around, got yelled at for taking pictures inside the stores, and found food to eat. Duck and green bean buns and cake that looked like rubbery, yellow dish sponge. We ate too much at The Gourmet Dumpling House and then made our way to Little Italy for gelato.

And then we drove to Maine in search of lighthouses, and we found the most fabulous mossy wall ever and had to take a picture of it, and Jesse amused himself by constructing miniature rock formations.

And then we got in the car and drove to Quebec City. 

Upon arriving, we discovered that Canadians produce inferior hamburgers. But they make up for this in their architecture. Friendly beavers live in Canada (we saw a total of two while out running). And our preconceived notions about uppity French-speakers were very incorrect. Jesse's favorite part of QC: the scientology building. Sarita's favorite: the chocolate museum.

This is a "hamburger." It looks like a school cafeteria pancake.

Goodbye QC!
Montreal felt less European and more like New York to us. Nobody spoke French. But that's ok. We went to botanical gardens and wandered around McGill University campus. And then walked around in Old Montreal.

Wall o' bugs at the botanical garden's insectarium.

You can only look at so many churches before they all start to look the same and before you start to feel like this.