Monday, May 9, 2011

And There was Much Rejoicing

Even though classes have been pretty much over for a couple of weeks now, I still had the exit exam to pass before I was officially finished with the MS Finance program at the U. of Utah. This past Thursday--yes, one day before graduation--I finally took the exit exam. Later that afternoon I received the following message:

Dear MSF Student:
CONGRATULATIONS! You passed the comprehensive exam requirement for your MSF degree. If you are "walking" in the graduation ceremony tomorrow, have a great time. You deserve to be proud of your degree. [I will spare you the further details of my awesomeness.]

So with the exit exam successfully passed, I was all set to walk on Friday. While convocations aren't known to be that exciting, it was great to see some of the people from the program. It feels great to be done with the MSF program, but I still have a lot of studying ahead. In June I'm taking the CFA Level II test (there are 3 levels and I have already passed Level I). It will be very difficult so I need to stay focused a bit longer. At least now I have one less thing to worry about.

Here are some pictures from graduation: