Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sarita and I have decided to participate again this year in the Wasatch Back Relay (more information here). To sum it up, it is a tremendously long relay race with 12 people on a team. You each run 3 legs of the race at about 6 miles a leg on average. It's not for a while but we'll put pictures up after we run. Last year it took us around 28 hours or so to finish.

Last year I distinctly remember never wanting to run the Wasatch Back again, and here we are. I've already started training though and my runs are much longer than they were last year. Sarita has been pretty busy getting ready to defend her honors thesis on Monday so she hasn't been running with me yet but I'm sure I'll talk her into going with me soon.

I've been curious about how far I've actually been running so I created account at I guess I've been running about 4 miles and have been going a few times a week so I think I'll be ready by the time the relay comes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Credit Scores!

So every year you can get up to three free credit reports per person (from the three main reporting agencies), but these do not actually give you your score. Now there is a site that is in beta mode that allows you to track the actual score daily. I've heard good reviews and it seems pretty accurate. As always, I would suggest extreme caution with divulging personal information, especially critical information such as social security numbers, but the site is legit and should be safeguarded as well as any of your banking information. (You do have to give your ssn so that they can track your credit.) The company is called Credit Karma. Here is the link: