Sunday, February 17, 2013

Found by Nemo

On Friday, February 9th I decided to work from home. Word on the street was that we were going to have a winter storm and I didn't want to be caught on the road. Earlier in the week we had heard about possible snow during the upcoming weekend. Then it turned into potentially a foot of snow. By Friday the update was 2-3 feet of snow. 

The snow was pretty light starting Friday morning. Things picked up by the afternoon as winter storm Nemo was in full force and continued through Saturday morning. We were fortunate not to lose power for more than a minute or so. Most of the trees at risk of being knocked over in our area were taken out by Hurricane Sandy but other parts of RI and MA lost power for a couple of days. 

Things pick up Friday night.
Sometime during the witching hour.
Luckily, we live in a community of townhouses where a crew comes through after it snows to plow the roads and shovel the walkways. Unfortunately, by Saturday afternoon the crew was clearly delayed so I decided we better start digging ourselves out. Our snow shovels were left in Utah when we moved so we trudged through the snow to the Stop & Shop across the street to get a couple of the last shovels they had. The shovels we got were pretty small and one kept falling apart. They looked like something a kid might use to build a sandcastle at the beach. Not something a grown man uses to dig his cars and house out of a massive snow storm. Some people couldn't didn't even have puny shovels and resorted to such tactics and using cookie sheets. 
Our front deck. You can see a bit of how the wind caused drifts.
Our front stairs.
Our cars. I've learned here to keep your wipers up during snow.
It was pretty deep out front.
One of our trees out front.
Another shot of our trees.

Sarita was quite the trooper and helped me dig everything out. I told her she didn't have to but she was pretty insistent.
It turned out to be a bigger task than I had imagined.
Sarita helped quite a bit.
The plows arrive! The crew finally showed up to clear the walkways but not until Sunday morning.
It's a snowman, and it's happy to see you.
So how did Nemo get its name? Read "Naming Nemo: How the Storm Got Its Name" to find out. It's a surprisingly interesting read.

Local sentiments.