Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip

This past week Sarita and I were able to go and visit my brother Jake and his family in Reno. Sarita has been student teaching at Elk Ridge Middle School and they had school through Wednesday. I took the day off and took care of some things around the house and then I picked up Sarita after school and we left for Reno shortly after we got home. It's about a seven hour drive from here in Salt Lake City so we didn't end up getting there until around midnight California time. Jake was the only one up at that point and we were both really tired so we went straight to bed.

Thursday for Thanksgiving we got to see Laura and the kids and get a tour of their home. This is the first time that we've visited them in Reno. It was fun to see how much the kids had grown up. Megan has gotten a bit older and independent, Jacob is speaking a lot clearer, and Lexi is talking in full sentences. The change in Lexi was the most noticeable since last time we saw her I think she was still crawling around. One of the first things she said once Sarita got up is she said to Laura, "Sarita's perfect." Once everyone got up and was ready we went for a walk around the neighborhood and up to the elementary school that Jacob and Megan attend. Later in the morning Laura's family came over. It was nice for Sarita to get to meet them and I don't know that I've seen them since Jake and Laura's wedding. It was nice just to spend time with everyone and Thanksgiving dinner was really spectacular.

Sarita was pretty busy grading papers and working on projects for school while we were visiting, so Friday I went out on a little adventure with Jake and Jacob. We went up to the mountains and drove around through the forest and later went shooting Jake's .22 handgun. It was pretty fun to get out and have some fun. I think Sarita felt bad that she had to stay back at the house and work. I felt a little bad about that too, but Lexi was really sweet to her and would hang out with her in the room where she was working. Sarita painted Lexi's fingernails and toenails and then Megan's and her own fingernails as well. I think they had a lot of fun together.

We left to come home on Saturday and got back before it was too late. All growing up we always left for trips really early in the morning. We took our time leaving on Saturday though and didn't get back real early, but it was early enough to be able to relax and take Sarita out to dinner. It was a really fun trip and hopefully we can go visit again soon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Paint Job

So a couple of Saturdays ago I didn't have a whole lot to do. I knew that Sarita wanted to paint the living room and kitchen, so after I took care of some things around the house I told her that we could go to Lowe's and look at the paint, since I had some things I needed to get anyway. We ended up getting red for the living room and a light green for the kitchen. This past week I spent a few evenings after work taping off the edges so that it would go quicker once I started painting. On Saturday it took me all day, but I got it painted. Here are some pictures highlighting the painting process.

Friday, November 9, 2007

New to blogging

Well, I figure that maybe it's about time to start up our own blog now that it's pretty easy to get started and it seems to be the convenient way to keep up on what is going on with everyone. I'll post more as interesting things happen to Sarita and me that anyone else might be interested in.