Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The year 2013 in fewer than 2013 words

On New Year's Eve,
Jesse said: "Did you know your eyebrows are uneven?" 
I said: "What are you talking about?"

Jesse said: "Go look in the mirror."
So I did, and what do you know, I made it through the whole year without noticing I had indeed over plucked my left eyebrow. Here's a list of other noteworthy events of 2013:

January: I made babies. At RISD, in a class called “Drawing Children.” Even though one (or more) of my babies looked like a Russian mafia midget with a mild to severe case of blepharospasm (eye twitching), I still got an A.    

February: Storm Nemo dumped a few feet of snow on Rhode Island. Power was lost. School was cancelled. I made a snowman with Nemo leftovers. 

March: I turned into the primary president at church. It happened like this: the bishop of our congregation called Jesse and I into his office, said he wanted me to be primary president, I said “Oh no,” and then he said that everybody loves me, and that I have "a way" with children. The end.

It was not the job I wanted, mainly because my heart isn't a bottomless pit of patience for other people's kids, and because primary is the largest organization to be in charge of every Sunday. Each week, I have to make sure all 10 children’s classes (ages 18 months to 11 years old) have teachers who will show up and provide a spiritually enlightening lesson; that I (or some other responsible, spiritual adult) provide a spiritually enlightening lesson to all 33 children age 3-11 in the same room; that there’s a reliable adult present to teach them how to sing hymns from the children’s songbook so the kids can stand up in sacrament meeting and not be embarrassing because they don’t know any of the words to the songs in the annual primary program; that no child gets punched in the face, poked in the eye, or runs while holding scissors. 

Jesse also received a new calling. He's the ward clerk, which means he attends church meetings from 7:30 am until 2:30pm.
April: Nothing noteworthy happened this month.

May: I made my debut as a medical illustrator.

June: June was boring. Except for when Jesse became the finance director for Project Hope Art and was selected to be an analyst for the Clinton Health Access Initiative.    

July: We went to Haiti

August: We had our 8-year anniversary in Vermont at Shelburne Farms. On our honeymoon in 2005, we walked around all day at the San Diego Zoo. So on August 17, 2013, we walked around all day, traversing various portions of the farm’s more than 10 miles of walking trails and playing “Name that Poop” near the sheep/pig/goat/llama pens. Apparently I’m more adept at identifying animal feces than Jesse. 
I was awarded a new title, according to one family we know from church, the matriarch of which informed me that her children had this conversation in the car:

Child 2:  I wish Sarita was our president, she would be so much fun.
Child 4: Well, you can't have her because she is OUR primary president.
Child 3:  She is the best Primary President. She is so fun, now that she is our president we play a lot more games.
Child 2: She would be good at any thing.
Child 4: Yeah, like Ward President!

September: We ran the Wicked Half Marathon in Salem, MA. I had always wanted to see Salem, until we got stuck in 3 hours of traffic on the one-lane road that leads into the city.

Jesse’s parents came to visit. 

More volunteer work: we started working our 2nd and 4th Saturday shifts at the Boston Temple as ordinance workers. Our shift is 11:00 am-5:00pm but add at least two and a half hours for commuting time to and from Boston.

October: Jesse received a fabulous promotion at work.

I realized that I signed up for the two classes that should never be taken in the same semester at RISD: Book Dummy and Illustration III. The latter is a class focused on character development. For 12 weeks, you try to make characters look the same from different angles in different scenes. Each project had multiple parts—hours of preliminary sketches, rough drafts of final sketches, final sketches, then color comps, then finals in full color, etc.

The goal of Book Dummy was to produce a complete version of a book you might send to a publisher or agent—a complete 32-page layout (so that the pages turn) with text and illustrations in place and at least one finished spread in full color. This class would have been less problematic had I not changed my story every week.

So I crawled into my cave and didn’t come out, except to teach WRT 104 at URI, use the bathroom, and attend my 29th birthday party. Thank you wonderful friends!

November: We had Thanksgiving in New Hampshire. 

December: Jesse received another fabulous promotion at work. 
There was so much to do in Book Dummy class and I was so far behind that I was 2 hours late to the last class with a sloppy final project—when do I ever do that? Never. It was a traumatic day and I cried. And then I had one day to completely redo my book dummy before leaving for a Very Important Writer's Workshop in Big Sur, California. So in the end, it all worked out.

AND, the day I flew to California on December 5th, Merella’s baby, little Dario Levi Espinoza, was born. He wasn’t due until December 19th, but must have heard I was coming, and wanted to say hi. I went straight to the hospital after landing in San Francisco.

A big envelope arrived in the mail. 
We spent Christmas in California.
And now we're going to live despicably ever after. 


Barbara Rich said...

Thanks for the pictures and updates on what you've been doing! Love the minion sweatshirts! You have been a busy woman, Sarita,and I agree with the kids that you would be good at anything you did.

Rush said...

Looks like a great year! I always wanted to live back East for a little while, just to experience a bit of everything it has to offer. Congrats to Jesse on Yale!!! Sounds like y'all love school. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sound like a successful year. Party on.

Jesse doesn't write much.


Michelle Collett said...

Sounds like a great year! I love the picture at the end with the Minions. :) I am glad that things are going so well for you and Jesse! I didn't know that you are an artist!

Jesse Rich said...

It's been an exciting year.

Emma said...

Sarita, I love this post, and you will always be one of the most interesting people I've ever met.

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